Webinar Speaker Agreement

Complete the agreement and send the terms and conditions below: Presenter`s Info – Agreement. Terms and Conditions The speaker heresafter entrusts PROVIDERplus with the exclusive right to reproduce and/or publish the recording, webinar presentation and its derivatives in order to adapt to other media. Help promote the webinar at best. The final/copy version of the presentation must be received at least 14 days before the scheduled date of the webinar. The presentation is subject to verification and time to reflect on the management of PROVIDERPus; according to the content rules. Send your PowerPoint 14 days before the webinar date. Our team will check the WebinarJam platform, give feedback, and then download the final version. Click here to send. You give PLANNING permission to make available to registered participants the presentation material developed for the webinar after the event. The Spokesperson grants the association all copyright to the recordings made during the engagement, as well as the right to create, use and sell copies of those recordings in all media and to treat the recordings as the association deems appropriate for sale.

The spokesperson releases all claims against the association that may arise directly or indirectly from the sale of copies of such recordings. In return for the publication and attribution above, the association undertakes to recognize the contribution of the spokespersons to the recordings sold and in the material broadcast with such recordings, in the manner described in the documents submitted by the spokesperson. Send a JPG Headshot and Bio photo at least 3 weeks before the webinar for marketing purposes. Providing presentation materials, including PowerPoint (PPT) according to the specified model, pdf and/or additional material, videos, etc. no later than one week before the webinar date. Access to a computer system and the tools needed to carry out the webinar. You have received written permission to share photos for all photos of people intended for use in the presentation and prospectus of the PROVIDERplus webinar and for the marketing of the webinar. This speaker agreement aims to maintain the highest quality of educational standards and establish clear expectations for the provision of all content related to the Webinar Learning Technology Center (LTC) series. The webinars are registered and made available in the Webinar library of the PROVIDERplus website for exclusive members and registered participants. PROVIDERplus is the sole copyright holder of the entire webinar. Be online 15 minutes before the start time of the webinar. The speaker must meet the deadline for the webinar – please plan slides accordingly.

Web presentations must be provided in the form of a PowerPoint slide set with the PROVIDERplus model provided. Spokesperson`s Cancellation: If, for any reason, the spokesperson believes it is necessary to break off the engagement mentioned above, the spokesperson agrees to immediately inform the association in writing before the engagement date. The spokesperson waives the rights to registration/discount concessions granted under this agreement. The spokesperson also agrees to reimburse the association for all travel or accommodation expenses incurred by the association in connection with the cancelled event. In cases where the spokesperson makes the cancellation, all parties agree that all authorization and copying rights of this document remain in effect. The LTC Monthly Webinar Series is a collection of free webinars with a variety of technological themes. Learn monthly from government and national experts on innovative teaching practices, educational applications/tools, networks and infrastructure, data security, accessibility and more.